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We equalize between job demand and offer worldwide by providing remote work to professionals all over the world, helping companies to find manpower they cannot source locally while saving their resources.

for employers

We connect EU customers with developers from various parts of the world. Our staff is always looking for attractive projects to work on and our customers benefit from lowering their costs.

Need to outsource web development project?

Use the advantage of teleworking! Remote developers do not need office space, hardware and other equipment.

Looking for skilled Web Developers?

With us, you can reach new locations and hire experienced developers from abroad.

Struggling to find appropriate candidates?

You do not have to post ads, waste time searching and waiting for the right candidate and finally spend valuable resources interviewing and evaluating.


Invest a few seconds of your time to discover the key advantages that go with our services. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us.


Our developers are versatile, experienced professionals. We can handle latest technologies and have experience in both front-end and back-end applications.

Safe Choice

With 10+ years of experience in web technology, we put our developers under meticulous scrutiny.


Full time assistance for the time the developer(s) work for you. Customer satisfaction first!

We manage it!

We can also provide project management, in case you want to outsource the project as whole.


State-of-art reporting and time watching system, to make sure you pay only for the work delivered.

Cost Efficient

Our worldwide reach allow us to offer highly competitive prices. Contact us to find out more!


Choosing the right professional

Contact us and send basic information about the position you need to occupy

We will evaluate your requirements and offer a candidate

You will be able to interview the candidate and test him up to your company’s standards (by means of VoIP such as Skype, on-line forms, tests, etc.)

When the candidate fulfill the demands and you accept him/her, we sign an agreement

The developer works for your company

Your project manager communicate directly with the employee. Our developer works on assigned project

As a standard, our developers work 40 hrs / week. If it is necessary for the project, overtime can be negotiated

Transparency: We will provide you with detailed reporting on what was done and how much time it took. You will receive screencasts and you can also check your employee directly by watching his desktop live when he is on-line and working

You will be billed monthly for the hours developer(s) spent working on your projects

Becoming our customer, you will receive access to our monitoring and reporting systems. You will be able to check desktop of the developer any time you want. Interested what he was working on three days ago at 3 PM? No problem! Just log into our system and check yourself. Also, time spent working is automatically monitored. You will pay only for the work delivered!

Are your project managers too busy? You do not have enough time or resources to lead the project, but the work has to be done? We can help. Remember, we have more than ten years of experience with web projects. We can take over the task you want to outsource as whole, employing our web developers and EU-based project manager.


Whether you are an experienced corporate employee seeking for change or a young freelancer is no matter for us. What matters is your knowledge, experience and inner drive. Take a chance to save your money and time by working from home. Sourcing talented staff for attractive positions, our company brings the opportunity to participate on challenging projects abroad for appealing salary closer to you.

Are you skilled IT professional with relevant experience?

Looking for a new opportunity, want to save your time and work with higher efficiency?

Passionate, keen to implement latest technology?

Open Positions

Do you share our values? Do you love freedom, are you responsible and proud of what you know? Take the chance to work with us. Currently we are looking for experienced PHP back-end developers.

Key Benefit: Home office: Save the time and money spent for commuting. In return, we require trustworthiness and credibility.

How it works


Interested? Below you can find a few lines on what does it mean to work with us. Teleworking has some specifics, but when mastered, you will be more satisfied than in conventional job.

Carefully read our Job Ad.

If you believe you are a perfect candidate, contact us via the form. Do not forget to submit your resume!

We will contact you ASAP and the selection process starts – expect some e-mail communication, knowledge test and Skype interviews.

Working for us

Agree and sign the contract. Now you can start at your new job!

Short course on internal workflow, policies, tools used, etc.

Install our reporting software package on your computer, log into system and there you go!

Work Mon-Fri, 8 hrs / day. Which hours? It is up to you, except scheduled meetings and gateway dates.

Day-to-day communication using e-mail, Skype or other VoIP services. You will be responsible for meeting deadlines set by your manager, and report regularly.

Salary paid monthly. Fair wages incl. overtime pay.

Process described above is for illustration. It might differ from case to case and also depends on your skills, experience and/or requirements. Also, when assigned to a new project, it is possible that you will be further interviewed by our customers, even though you have been working with us for some time.

About Us


Techire is an EU-based personal solutions company, focusing on IT and web development. We offer our customers skilled IT personnel according to their needs. Having more than 10 years of experience with web technologies, we are capable to meticulously scrutinize every job candidate and provide valuable support to our customers, including project management.

We will provide the manpower you need.


To equalize job demand and offers worldwide by simply connecting smart people in need of better job with employers in countries without sufficient man power in the field of technology. We aim to fill empty positions by professionals from all over the world. We deliver the right employees to the right employer, with quality of the work being at the center of our efforts. Thanks to our global reach, we are able to offer highly competitive prices.


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